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hi there!

I'm Ashley. I'm a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Esthetician, sandwich enthusiast and lover of eyebrows.

I've been working with eyebrows and skincare for six years as an Esthetician. I became fascinated with the stunning difference eyebrows can make in a person's appearance. They can create balance, enhance your features, and help restore what may have been lost due to a multitude of reasons and conditions.

Brows are powerful!

It was from that fascination and love of being able to hand craft such an important feature, that I fell in love with cosmetic tattooing and the intricate art that is Microblading.

I continue to avidly pursue the art of Cosmetic Tattooing with continued education as well as my practice as an Esthetician through my waxing services. It's important to never stop learning and growing as an artist.

I've received Microblading training from Lindsey Ta as well as shading training from Microblading LA. I also have received advanced Microblading training from Audrey Glass of Audrey Glass Cosmetic Tattoo in LA and an advanced Shading course from Emily Hardinger of Emante Beauty in Pasadena.

Thanks for taking the time! I'm excited and passionate about what I do and I cannot wait to meet you.

(Image by Nicole Raine)